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(sub)Urban Warrior #MuralsForMedicalRelief
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(sub)Urban Warrior

"Onward, Upward"


My design is meant to embody strength and hope. The stalwart and uncaged bird is the spirit in all of us, especially those putting their lives on the line for those who are suffering from this terrible illness. I have the bird looking upward with wings outstretched, in a powerful stance, ready to take flight and take action. I chose a crane and swan, as well as a Phoenix as inspiration for my rare bird because they represent grace, poise, and resilience. I feel these are traits our healthcare heroes possess as well. The EKG line, standing out in front of the symbol of life, is of a healthy heartbeat, representing life after this pandemic, energetic and full of vibrancy.


Natalie aka (Sub)Urban Warrior is an artist working out of the Chicago burbs who has an urban vibe to her work. She is influenced greatly by street art as well as fine art, and she blends the two genres together, paying homage to each of them in her own way. Her creations have also been described as National Geographic meets Disney, a description she is glad to embrace. She's most known for creating her own set of characters by combining different animal and human anatomies together into new creatures she has named Beasties.

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