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Max Sansing #MuralsForMedicalRelief
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Max Sansing

"Still City"


The image depicts a child finding a state of patience. The stay at home made the city feel like a snow day in the spring forcing us to stay at home and reflect on the mortality of ourselves and our loved ones, also a moment of silence for those we’ve lost. The wave pattern under the face is a nod to the “go with the flow” state that we have become accustomed to, like wearing a mask being the new norm. The maple and ivy leaves represent the seasons to come with the certainties and uncertainties the year will bring. The key which is a recurring staple in my work, symbolizes the new saying “when outside opens back up......”. I wanted this piece to be timeless for when we make it thru these times and I think this image is a move towards that.


Max Sansing is a Chicago native, born and raised on the South Side in the Avalon Park community. His work introduces realism with graceful abstract designs or doodles and has been displayed at art galleries and special events in Chicago, New York and Miami.

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