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Kate Lewis #MuralsForMedicalRelief
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Kate Lewis

"Everyday Angels"


“I don’t know what’s above or below, but I know what I see, and I see people, just like you and me, doing exceptional things for each other, every day of this pandemic. You don’t have the dress the part to play the part, and I love seeing the goodness in people come out. “Everyday Angels” is meant to represent these people, these angels, as vulnerable as the rest of us, suiting up to start another day.”


Kate Lewis is a Chicago based muralist, illustrator and creator. Much of her mural work is inspired from studying masters of visual deception like MC Escher and taking note of the ways in which they used architecture as a catalyst for creating illusions. Learning to incorporate her own love of line work with these concepts, toying with strange points of perspective, and making conscious use of negative space, she continues to experiment on every project with the intention of challenging the viewer’s brain to think differently.