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Joe Renda Jr. #MuralsForMedicalRelief
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Joseph Renda Jr.

"Growth for a Better Day"


We are currently living in surreal times and art has the power to heal and unite us as a community. Passion (pink gladiolus), Gratitude  (Violet Bell Flower), and Strength (Yellow Iris) have been key during this difficult time, and has inspired me to create for those who have bravely dedicated their lives to the needs of others. Growth  is key to overcoming this obstacle and becoming closer as a society.

Joseph Renda Jr. is a Chicago-based artist whose paintings capture the inherent connection humans have with the natural world. His work is highly realistic, bringing detailed depictions to life by juxtaposing them alongside surrealistic imagery. He urges his audience to surrender to nature’s “pull” and connect with their roots while viewing his paintings.