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CERA #MuralsForMedicalRelief
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“My goal was to highlight this medical worker as a hero, but also as a human. We tend to think of our doctors, nurses and surgeons as an unknown quantity, or that we don't always remember they're taking the train, biking, walking or carpooling to work. For me, it was important to highlight our heroes' journey to work, filled with energy and movement, and also a bit of human error (the pocketbook swinging or the briefcase falling) while keeping in mind the urgency of their workday in this day and age. I loved the idea that this medical worker is rushing on their way to work, and when they get there, they're working with surgical precision and an unwavering focus.”


Janson Rapisarda aka CERA is a Chicago based artist. His work is an integration of digital drawings, printmaking techniques, and painting spread across street art, private commissions, public projects, and collaborations. This fluidity enables him to move his work through the public sphere and creates an accessible visibility to a variety of audiences. Many of his paintings depict images of the figure, abstracted through both embellishment and concealment. Bold color and graphic patterns entice the viewer into a sense of excitement and wonder.